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Ayacucho: The City of the Many Churches

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Ayacucho was founded in 1540 and named San Juan de la Frontera de Huamanga.


It was the cradle of the Warpa and Wari cultures. In the twelfth century, it became an art center that supplied the Spanish Crown with works of art.


Heroic Ayacucho

Later, it was the site of the Battle of Ayacucho, one of the crucial battles for independence. In the 80’s the city was stricken for the terrorism, but fortunately those days have endedand this beautiful city is again a peaceful and safe destination.

Iglesias de Ayacucho
Ayacucho Independencia

The City of the Many Churches

Nowadays, Ayacucho is known as the city of the many churches because its has 33 stone churches of different architectural styles. It is conbsiderated the home of artisans, guitar players and the dancers of the Danza de las Tijeras. It is one of Peru’s most fascinating cities and is well worth a visist.

Iglesias de Ayacucho
Iglesias de Ayacucho

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